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In 2008, my granddaughter Aivah was diagnosed with Celiac disease and a casein allergy. Our first reaction to her diagnosis was an overwhelming feeling of confusion and frustration. We realized there were many others who were living in the same confused fog that we were, searching for the same answers. In order to share our experiences and provide information, we created our website.

We began as Don’t Feed Me, LLC. When we finally discovered what was wrong with Aivah, our main thought was DON’T FEED! Until we were able to research Celiac disease and all the derivatives of wheat, rye and barley, we were afraid to feed her. Period. We also needed to remove all dairy products and dairy dirivatives from her diet. “Don’t Feed” was topmost in our thoughts. An initial reaction to receiving a diagnosis of Celiac disease or a food allergy is that most of the familiar foods are long gone. “Don’t” is a large part of the initial thought process.

In the past 3 years we have learned so much about Celiac disease and many food allergies. I’ve also discovered that I, too, am a Celiac with lactose intolerance. We are much calmer about the foods we can eat, more familiar with ingredients that contain gluten and much more experienced in reading ingredient lists. We have also learned different ways to lessen the aftereffects of gluten contamination. (There is ALWAYS the chance of cross-contamination, no matter how careful you try to be.) We know it’s not impossible to change your lifestyle and there IS hope for the future.

We felt it was time for a calmer, more encouraging company name and logo. We chose “On the Wings of Hope”. Everything began with Aivah – we wanted the logo to reflect our beginnings. The name Aivah (Ava) means small bird. The tiny hummingbird is a symbol for accomplishing things that seem impossible and teaches us how to find the joy of living from our own life circumstances. Living with the circumstances of Celiac disease and food allergies can seem impossible, at first. With time, support and good resources we learn to find the hope and joy in living with the challenges of Celiac disease and food allergies.

We want to help you find that hope. Let us carry you on our wings until you do.

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